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<Sacred Heart

The power of a prayer:

- a prayer brings us closer to God;

- a prayer changes us for a better;

- a prayer connects us with God;

- a prayer enriches us regarding our relationship with God;

- a prayer heals our deepest wounds;

- a prayer protects;

- a prayer refreshes;

- a prayer saves;

- a prayer strengthens.

A child’s prayer to Mary

A night prayer

A priest’s prayer to Mary

A priest’s prayer

Act of contrition

Act of dedication to Christ the King

Act of faith, hope and love

Act of reparation to the Sacred Heart

Adoro te

Against a lack of care

Against anger

Against gluttony

Against lust

Against pride

Against sadness

Against vainglory

An affirmation of faith

Ancient prayer to the Virgin

Anima Christi

Apostle’s creed

Before or after a meal

Come, Holy Spirit


De profundis

Evening prayer

For a city

For deliverance from false desires and fears

For direction

For grace to serve

Glory be to the Father

Hail Mary

Invocation to Saints Peter and Paul


Litany of Loreto

Litany of Saint Joseph

Litany of the Holy Name

Litany of the precious blood

Litany of the sacred heart

Lord’s prayer (Our Father)

Major life transition

Mary, help of those in need


Midday prayer


Morning prayer

Nicene creed

Prayer at the beginning of the day

Prayer before a crucifix

Prayer for all occasions

Prayer for benefactors

Prayer for meetings

Prayer for the dead

Prayer for the household

Prayer for the pope

Prayer for unity

Prayer of Saint Ambrose

Prayer of Saint Thomas Aquinas

Prayer of self-dedication to Jesus Christ

Prayer of St. Patrick

Prayer of thanksgiving after mass

Prayer of thanksgiving

Prayer to Saint Joseph

Prayer to the guardian angel

Prayer to the Virgin Mary

Regina caeli

Salve, Regina

Sign of the cross (In the name of the Father)

St. Francis’ prayer

Tantum ergo

Te deum

The angelus

The Jesus prayer

The universal prayer

To welcome the Sabbath

Venite, exsultemus